From 1.925 constantly evolving


We work with all industries, automotive, aerospace, rubber, plastics, polyurethane, cast, insulators, stamping dies, wood, laboratory, and these ones are just some examples of the sectors that we work with regularly.
From simple presses to complete turnkey facilities.
These are just some examples of the presses we manufacture, contact us and we will try to advise you and offer you our best solución:

Serie 01
Compact Presses

Compact range economic presses customized according to the needs of each client , RTM, inyection, deformation of materials, all kind of laboratory testsrubber processing, graphic arts, insulating panels, white manufacturing lines,
integrated operation with other installation
, desmouding, extraction presses, mold crimping, conformed, heat platens, chilled, both educational and industrial use

Serie 02
Compact Presses

Different assisted loading systems, manual or automatic with all types of tables and removable benches and for working with robots, 1 or several work holes, independent benches, lower hollow for endless bands, batteries of various presses, vacuum chamber in pressing area.

Serie 03
Intermediate Presses

Temperature control with all types of heating-cooling ramps, production traceability, process control, communication with all types of networks, automated pressing installations according to the product.

Serie 04
Intermediate Presses

Temperature control by areas in press and workpiece, manual and automatic mold carrier carousel, linear transfer, conveyor belts, roller tables, robots, mold control from press.

Serie 05
Pressing Facilities

Turnkey installations, total production control, temperature ramps, traceability, press integration within the production line, fully automated operation, presses to work in a clean room, presses for aeronautics, automotive, composites and all kinds of technical applications.



Besides all kinds of presses also offer manufacturing a wide range of ancillary items.

Serie 06
Auxilar Parts

Resin infusion, RTM injection, automatic mold stores, horizontal mounting presses, presses for controlled decompression, platens for presses, any kind of automation and electrical parts, and all kinds of auxiliary elements .